Fr. Richard Cortese (1956-2022)
May his soul rest in peace

Fr. Richard Cortese (1956-2022) - RIP

It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that we share the news that our beloved director, Fr. Richard Cortese, passed away suddenly the evening of Saturday, September 10, 2022, with breviary still in hand.  Those of us who knew him well have lost a great friend and spiritual father.

Same as Fr. Gobbi, Fr. Cortese died before he was to lead an annual MMP retreat for priests.   Before his passing, Fr. Gobbi had given the directive that he wanted message #83, “Be Joyous,” to be read at the 2011 retreat.  Since Fr. Cortese often made reference to it, we know it also would be his wish that you read this same message.

Upon learning of Fr. Cortese’s passing, our International Director, Fr. Luca, wrote:

I am so sorry we cannot work with him anymore. Well, he will keep working with us from Heaven, but we will feel his presence and his help way differently. He passed away in the middle of a week full of Marian celebrations. I think Our Lady wants us to look at this as a sign, as a special blessing for him and for all those who consecrate themselves to Her Immaculate Heart. I will pray Our Lord, by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and also by means of the intercession of Fr. Cortese, to help the MMP in the USA to have another priest full of love and committed to Our Lady like him.

Let us pray for each other as together we must pass through this very difficult time.

May the angels lead him to Paradise, and may Our Lady hold him in her embrace.

The funeral Mass will be held next Tuesday, September 20, at 10:30 a.m. at St. Michael Catholic Church, 3863 Summer Avenue Memphis, TN 38122
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“In order to give the suffering and crucified Church of your time my motherly help and a safe refuge, I have brought the Marian Movement of Priests into being and have spread it through every part of the world by means of my book, which traces out for you the road along which you must journey in order to spread my light. With this book, I teach you to live the consecration to my Immaculate Heart with the simplicity of children, in a spirit of humility, of poverty, of trust and of filial abandonment.”

(Message 604, December 31, 1997)