Family Cenacles

Our Lady, the Mother and Queen of families, in her message given July 23, 1987 (“The Families Consecrated to Me”) asks that all Christian families consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart and, if possible, start cenacles in their homes:

“I ask that they open the doors of all their homes to me so that I may come in and take up my motherly dwelling among you.” (358d, July 23, 1987)

“Above all, spread all about you family cenacles, which are desired by me as a remedy for the great evils which are today threatening the life of Christian families.” (392f, October 27, 1988)

The family cenacles have the same basic structure proper to any M.M.P. cenacle. However, for the benefit of family members, especially the children, a portion of time may be devoted to catechism and family sharing. More than one family may gather together to pray in the home.

Our Lady’s Promises Given To Fr. Gobbi Concerning Family Cenacles

  1. She will help them live the sanctity of matrimony, principally to remain united and to be faithful, to live the sacramental character of the family union.
  2. She desires to help the children of these families. Among many young people there is the danger of losing the faith, following the path of evil, of vice, of drugs. Our Blessed Mother promises that as a mother she will be at their side to help them grow in goodness and to save them.
  3. She will always be near in all their spiritual as well as material needs.
  4. During the period of difficulties, she will protect these families, sheltering them under her mantle. For this reason, she invites families to multiply throughout the world these cenacles of prayer.

“If you all walk along the road which I have traced out for you, if you listen to and put into practice what I have said to you today, your families will be the first buds of my triumph: small, hidden, quiet buds, which are already sprouting in every part of the earth, as though to anticipate the new era and the new times which are even now at your doors.” (358s, July 23, 1987)