The Purpose of the Cenacle

The Cenacle A Preparation for the Second Pentecost

My Immaculate Heart is glorified by you when you multiply everywhere cenacles of prayer made with me.
(427k, June 23, 1990)


Multiply in every part of the world, the cenacles of prayer which I have asked of you, like torches lit in the night, like sure points of reference, like shelters needed and sought for.
(417k, Jan. 1, 1990)

Why does Our Lady urge the formation of cenacles?

In her messages, Our Lady insistently calls upon priests, religious and faithful to gather together with her in fervent prayer and fraternal love, in authentic cenacles as when the first apostles gathered with her in the Upper Room in Jerusalem awaiting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Why this insistence? What is most important in the world and in the Church today is the preparation for the Second Pentecost through the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. To draw down upon us this gift of the Holy Spirit, we must enter with her into the cenacle.

Our Lady invites us to enter into the cenacle of her Immaculate Heart by means of our consecration. In the cenacle of her Heart she will nourish, form, and help us to grow in perfect consecration to her. She calls us to form cenacles together with her and to multiply and spread them everywhere, so that the Divine Spirit of Love may pass through the golden door of her Immaculate Heart and thus prepare humanity for a new era of grace and holiness.
(cf. 226j, June 7, 1981)

“Just as in the Cenacle of Jerusalem the Apostles, reunited with me in prayer, prepared for the moment of the first Pentecost, so also, in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart – and consequently in the cenacles where you are gathered in prayer – you apostles of these last times can, with your heavenly Mother, obtain a new effusion of the Holy Spirit.”
(284p, Jan. 28, 1984)

The Whole Church Must Enter In.

The whole Church must now enter into the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart: all the bishops, the priests, the religious and the faithful must enter. In the Cenacle of Jerusalem, upon the Apostles gathered in prayer with me, there descended the Holy Spirit, and there took place the miracle of the first Pentecost. Thus, only in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, when the whole Church will have entered in, will the great prodigy of the second Pentecost take place. It will be a divine fire of purification and of sanctification which will renew all the face of the earth.

My times have come. This is why the Pope, the first of my beloved sons, is today opening an extraordinary Marian Year in my honor. I am asking that the whole Church gather together in prayer with me, Mother of Intercession and of Reparation. I want that all who belong to my Movement increase in the personal commitment of their consecration, because in you my Immaculate Heart must be more and more glorified.

For this I am asking you to multiply everywhere your cenacles of prayer and of brotherly sharing and to lead the greatest number possible of my children to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart. (355bcd, June 7, 1987)

And then, by means of the cenacles, she will save the whole world!

  • Pray more and more.
  • Pray together with me, through the recitation of the holy rosary.
  • Pray and do penance that the times be shortened, and that the greatest possible number of my children may be eternally saved.
  • Pray that suffering may serve to convert all those who have strayed far from God.
    Pray that you may never doubt the love of the Father, who always watches over you and provides for you, and makes use of suffering as a means of healing you from the sickness of corruption, of infidelity, of rebellion, of impurity, of atheism.
  • I now ask you for more prayer.
  • Multiply your cenacles of prayer.
  • Multiply your rosaries, recited well and in union with me. Offer me also your suffering and your penance.
  • I ask you for prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners, that even my most rebellious and most distant children may return to God, who awaits them with the merciful eagerness of a Father.
  • And then, together we will form a great net of love that will envelop and save the whole world. Thus my motherly and supreme intervention can be extended everywhere, for the salvation of all who have gone astray.” (192j-t, Jan. 22, 1980)