Youth and Children’s Cenacle

Our Lady ardently desire to gather youth of all ages under her immaculate mantle. She wants them to come together in the cenacle so that she may give them the strength to flee sin and to live the Gospel of Jesus. In her message, “Only in the Hearts of Little One,” given on February 2, 1990, she especially asks for “children’s cenacles”

I ask that children’s cenacles be multiplied, in every part of the world, because I am calling them to a crusade of prayer  and of consecration for the salvation of the world.

(Rosary) All youth cenacles also have the same basic structure proper to all MMP cenacles. It is important that an adult be present to guide the cenacle. Unless the children are very young. Fr. Gobbi strongly recommends the recitation of the entire five-decade rosary with a simple meditation on each mystery. Try to involve the children by having each one recite one of the Hail Mary’s.

(Reading of a message) Younger children should not be expected to listen to an entire message. The adult leading the cenacle can select a couple of sentences or an entire paragraph from one of the messages in the book, followed by an explanation in simple terms that the children can understand. Children’s cenacles also have the option of incorporating a short catechetical instruction.

(Act of Consecration) Several Acts of Consecration are included in this booklet. Fr. Gobbi recommends the longer formula that the adults use, however you can judge whether or not the shorter form of consecration should be used. It would be wise to give the children a brief explanation of the consecration during each cenacle. (Remember that adult cenacles can never substitute another consecration.)

(Prayers for the Holy Father) One Our Father, One Hail Mary, One Glory Be.

(Cenacle Length) This may vary according to good judgment, however we recommend that it not be too long so the children will not become tired or bored. Videos, audios, religious games, singing, short processions with a statue of the Blessed Mother, reading about the saints, coloring religious pictures – these and other ideas you have can help to keep the children interested and, at the same time, deepen their knowledge of the faith.

Tto those who have asked us to recommend resource materials, videos, audios, and the catechetical manuals, please contact the Daughters of St. Paul for guidance in selecting instructional materials for children.