1. …”HER WORK”

“It is my work, which I am carrying out in every part of the world in these last times. (…)

It is my work, which I myself am now carrying out, in order to gather from all sides the little remnant which will remain faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel, to the Pope and to the Church united with him. (…)

It is my work, which I am accomplishing to spread the truth in these times of great apostasy, to bring you to greater unity with the Pope in these days of division and of widespread rebellion, to lead you along the way of grace and holiness amidst the general spread of sin and impurity.

It is my work, which I am carrying out by means of my Marian Movement of Priests…” (497celj: June 19.

Her Invincible Army in the Decisive Struggle Against Her Adversary

A. She is the Leader of this Cohort:

“The secret scheme, which in a hidden way I have been preparing for some time in order to realize my great plan, is now beginning to become visible: The Movement of my Priests, my cohort ready for the decisive battle and destined for victory.”
(17 f, Sept. 23, 1973)

“I myself will be the Leader of this army. I am now forming it as my own in silence and in hiddenness just as, for nine months, I formed Jesus in my womb, and for many years in silence and hiddenness I brought Him up day by day.

“I myself am now choosing the priests of the Movement and forming them according to the plan of my Immaculate Heart. (…) They will make up the cohort of ‘my priests’ which I myself will nourish and form, preparing them for the approaching battles of the kingdom of God.” (5 e,g – July 16, 1973)

B. And what does she say this cohort must do?

a) They must be ready . . .

− To obey my orders, because I will soon call them, and they must be ready to respond, ready to be used by me for the ultimate defense of my Son, of me, of the Gospel and of the Church.

They will be the salt in a world which is completely corrupt and a shining light in the darkness which will have enveloped everything.

− To fight, because my Adversary will set loose his army upon them, and he will pursue them with vehemence in a frightful battle. They will be ridiculed, despised, persecuted, and some will even be killed.

But I will always be with them, and will protect and defend them, and will console them, wiping away every tear as only a Mother knows how.

− To defend the Pope, who is already so very much alone in carrying the cross of the Church; there will even be a time at which, like Jesus on the way to Calvary, he will be as though abandoned by everyone.

Then these sons of mine will be his comfort and his defense, and together with me they will be victorious in the greatest battle of the Church.

For the present, my beloved sons, pray, love one another, be as little children. Let yourselves be formed and guided by me alone.”
(17i-o, Sept. 23, 1973)

b) They must restore the sacred image of her son Jesus in
the souls of all her children.

“…the Movement of my priests…is desired by me to make reparation for the immense harm caused in souls by atheism, to restore in so many desecrated hearts the image of God, the merciful countenance of my Son Jesus.

My priests are my restorers; they will restore in so many souls the face of God, and thus they will bring back many of my children from death to life. (…)

The priests of my Movement must restore purity in souls and fight firmly against the Demon of Lust in all its manifestations.

They must combat styles that are more and more indecent and provocative; they must combat the press that publicizes evil and entertainment which ruins morals. They must struggle against the prevalent mentality that legitimizes and justifies everything, and against current morality that permits everything. (…)

I want it to be the Movement of my priests which will bring back the fragrance of purity to the world: for it is only on the billow of this perfume that my Son Jesus will once again become the King of hearts and of souls.” (21jkqru, Oct. 16, 1973)

In her message to Fr. Gobbi on January 28, 1984, she says:

“A gift of my Immaculate Heart is this, my Movement. It is my work alone. For eleven years I have been diffusing it in every part of the world; I call my sons, and they respond. For eleven years I have been achieving a masterpiece of love and mercy for the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. Everything that I have told you will be fulfilled to the letter. The Church will come to an ever greater realization of how the Marian Movement of Priests is a gift of my Immaculate Heart, because with it I wish to give the Church the certainty of my perennial presence and my maternal protection.” (284no, Jan. 28, 1984)


“Meditate on my messages, and live them.” (297e)

They are so many words of wisdom which I have caused to come down from my Immaculate Heart to form you according to my plan.” (297c)

“In these years, as Mother, I have formed you through my messages. They are so many words of wisdom, which I have caused to come down from my Immaculate Heart to form you according to my plan. My messages trace out, above all, a simple and luminous way which I have pointed out to you and upon which you should travel, each day, in order to live the consecration which you have made to me, to grow in my love and in life with me and to be ever more mature and prepared to carry out the task which I have shown you.

“Live” The Messages

“If any, after having consecrated themselves to me, have come to a halt, it is because they have no longer listened to, meditated upon, or lived my messages. Oh, after my triumph, these messages will be a light for the whole Church; then all that I have done for you during these years will be understood!

Meditate on my messages, and live them. If you live what I have shown you and travel the road which I have traced out for you, you will walk securely along the way of the consecration which you have made to me, and you will bring to fulfillment the great plan of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

Otherwise, you will be halted by doubts, discouragement, difficulties and the opposition which you will encounter. You will come to a halt and will not be ready to accomplish what I have arranged for you and which today is so necessary for the salvation of the world and the renewal of the Church, whose Mother I am.

She Reveals Her Plan

In these messages, I also reveal to you my plan in its silent preparation, in its painful realization and in its victorious fulfillment. You are already about to reach the most painful and bloody conclusion of the purification which will take place in these years, before the great triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the coming to you of the glorious reign of Jesus.

This is a plan which embraces this century. In 1917 at Fatima, I anticipated it, as in a prophetic announcement, at the moment when the great struggle between the Woman Clothed with the Sun and the Red Dragon became evident, a struggle which was to last throughout the whole century, as a proud challenge to God on the part of my Adversary, who was certain that he would succeed in destroying the Church and in bringing all humanity to a universal rejection of God.

The Lord has granted him this space of time, because in the end the pride of the Red Dragon will be broken and conquered by the humility, the littleness, and the power of your heavenly Mother, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, who is now gathering all her little children into her army, drawn up for battle.

Now that you are coming to the most painful and bloody years of this great struggle, I have intervened personally in order to form for myself my cohort through the Marian Movement of Priests, which is my work…” (297c-i, Nov. 9, 1984)