In cenacle towards the 50th anniversary of the birth of the MMP

Message from don Luca Pescatori

Dear members of the Marian Movement of Priests,

Our Lady has announced to us that the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart will come through a period that she defines as a “great tribulation” (e.g. October 16, 1991), which will serve as a purification and in which her most affected children would be her  beloved sons, the priests. What Jesus said to Peter is repeated, “Satan has sought you to sift you like wheat” (Lk 22:31) (20 November 1976 and 1 March 1980).

Last May 8 we commemorated the 49th anniversary of the birth of the Marian Movement for Priests and we began the year of preparation for the 50th anniversary. It is a particularly significant moment for us, and it immediately began with a “sign” of the tribulation: a few days later, in the week of May 13, when the intervention of Our Lady for the Church is remembered, two acts were publicly held in Germany contrary to faith and in particular against the sacrament of Matrimony and the truth of Catholic doctrine, and against the Most Holy Eucharist. The ideas underlying these gestures of genuine rebellion against doctrine have long been widespread in many regions of the world, and in those days were praised as the “new path of a new Church that finally understands the needs of man”.

We know. Our Lady warned us for some time and explained everything to us very well

After the suspension of the Holy Mass that began last year and unfortunately is still present in some countries and which relativizes the need for the Eucharist, here are these two public acts that refer us to the Angel’s prayer at Fatima, so recommended to us by Our Lady, to make amends for the outrages and sacrileges against the Eucharist, from which all other deviations and sins arise.

The signs of confusion and real apostasy, present for a long time in an underground way, are increasingly emerging in a proud way claiming to be the right path for man, as did Judas who in the end rebelled because he wanted to push Jesus to take another path.

For this reason, I invite you to live this year of preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Marian Movement of Priests by seeking more and more refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that is, by renewing more and more intensely our consecration to the Immaculate Heart and the three commitments that she asks of us:

⁃ As consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, to offer oneself and one’s crosses with so much love in reparation for these outrages and sacrileges, to ask for the grace of fidelity and to be in the Church, which is living her Way of the Cross towards the crucifixion, the presence of Mary next to the Cross, of the Woman clothed with the sun during the hour of darkness.

⁃ Regarding the second commitment required and taught of us, unity with the Pope, Our Lady speaks of it clearly in her messages. I refer you to explanations in the last circulars of Father Laurent Larroque and mine. Some ask how to accept some statements of Pope Francis that can leave us surprised; this too I have already answered in the circulars. Our Lady asks us to pray for the Pope and that’s it, and to leave the rest to her. The Lord is guiding the Church towards purification and entrusts this journey to Our Lady: She tells us that she needs the intercessory power of our cenacles, of which one of the essential elements is the prayer for the Pope, for whom in the act of consecration we ask for special protection. There are many ways of standing before the Pope but only one of these is requested by Our Lady and is part of the spirit of the MMP. In our prayer for the Pope, we ask that he act in these tribulations as God expects of him and that he be His instrument for the purification of the Church.

⁃ It is therefore precisely with the cenacles, which She leaves us as a third commitment, that we contribute substantially to the work of Our Lady and to the life of the Church. Fr. Gobbi has taught us how to hold cenacles in the spirit of the MMP;  let us remain faithful to the essential points established by him, shown in the outline on the MMP website. There is no need to add anything else or change anything. At this moment, more than ever, it is necessary to multiply the cenacles to form a barrier of protection around the Magisterium of the Church, to repair the rampant apostasy, to console the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to obtain grace for ourselves. to live our consecration well and offer ourselves on the altar of the Immaculate Heart, victims pleasing to God, for his triumph (cf. November 19, 1974), and finally to ask with our heavenly Mother for the gift of the second Pentecost announced by her (e.g. 1 Jan 1985, 31 Dec 1986). Multiplying the cenacles means: wanting to do the cenacles following the invitation of our Mother, asking for the grace to be able to do more than they do now, teaching others to live consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart and to lead other cenacles.

We ask for the grace to be able to console our heavenly Mother, as Jesus himself requested of Sister Lucia in Pontevedra when he asked for the reparative practice of the first five Saturdays, and to work in her service, especially in this decisive time which coincides with the year that leads to the 50th of the MMP, to counteract the gestures of rebellion and apostasy that have already come to light. and those who are still hidden.

She calls us into this spiritual battle and wants to be our leader, she told us from the first messages: it is up to us to welcome the gift of being soldiers in combat or, instead, to withdraw and watch.  

         May 24, 2021
Don Luca Pescatori and the Spiritual Council of the MMP