May 13,2007

News from the National Headquarters



Anniversary of First Apparition at Fatima
May 13, 2007

Dear MMP Family,

Last year, I offered you a novena in preparation for the Solemnity of Pentecost, using Our Lady’s words to Fr. Gobbi from the book, “To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons.” The response to it was great, thus I am repeating it again for those who may not have had the opportunity to see it. I strongly encourage that it be printed and made use of throughout the year.

We look to her, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, because she tells us repeatedly that “her Immaculate Heart is the golden door through which the Holy Spirit will pass to come to us and bring us to the second Pentecost.”

And it is with our cenacles of prayer that we will give her the “great force of prayer” to intercede with the Father and the Son. The meaning of her words is unmistakable – our cenacles are the catalyst!

“I invite today the whole Church to gather together in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart in a continuous prayer made with me and through me. For this reason alone I recommend to you to gather together often in your cenacles, in order to give me a great force of prayer, with which I may be able to intervene before my Son Jesus, that He may quickly obtain for you from the Father the gift of a new and second Pentecost for the Church and for all humanity.” (310b)

(Pentecost Sunday – May 27, 2007)

Invocation to the Holy Spirit to be said before each day’s prayer:

“Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.

Come, O Holy Spirit.
Come, and change the face of the earth.
Come, quickly.
Come, in these last times.
Come, now that the great trial has arrived.
Come, and bring us your second Pentecost, so that our eyes may see your greatest miracle, that of the new heavens and new earth.” (496 p)

Prayer of thanksgiving and entrustment to be said following each day’s prayer:

We thank you, Blessed Mother, for revealing to us the marvelous things that God has in store for his people. We want to be part of your cohort, your apostles of these last times. The time has come when you wish “to live in us and manifest yourself to all through us.” For this, we give you our entire bodies – our minds, our hearts, our eyes, our lips, our hands (cf. 227qr) You tell us, “One who has consecrated himself to me belongs totally to me. He cannot, at any moment of the day, decide freely what he is to do with himself. If you remain with me, I myself will tell you at every moment what I would like you to do, and then whatever you do will always be according to my will.” (9bc) We freely abandon our wills to you, and accept whatever God asks of us. We thank you for allowing us to share, in a miniscule way, in this work of redemption by the daily carrying of our crosses and the patient bearing of our sufferings. Finally, we offer you our prayers which are so important, in order that you “may be able to intervene before [your] Son Jesus, that He may quickly obtain for [us] from the Father the gift of a new and second Pentecost for the Church and for all humanity.”. AMEN.

1st Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, O Spirit of Love and renew the face of the earth; grant that it may entirely become
once again a new garden of grace and of sanctity, of justice and of love, of communion and of peace, so that the Most Holy Trinity may once again be reflected, pleased and glorified.” (310c)

“The Holy Spirit has the task of transforming all humanity and of renewing the face of the earth, that it may become a new terrestrial paradise in which God may be possessed, loved and glorified by all.” (426j)

2nd Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, O Spirit of Love and renew the whole Church; bring it to the perfection of love, of
unity and of holiness, that it may become today the greatest of all lights which shines upon
all in the great darkness which has spread everywhere. (310d)
Give us, O Spirit of Love, a Church renewed by the irresistible force of your divine action,
straightening what is contorted, bending what is inflexible, healing what is wounded,
bringing water to what is parched, throwing open what is closed.
Give us, O Spirit of Love, a Church faithful to the Gospel, a herald of truth, resplendent in
great sanctity.

Give us, O Spirit of Love, a humble Church, evangelical, poor, chaste and merciful.
By your divine fire, burn away whatever in it is imperfect; despoil it of so many human
means of power; free it from compromise with the world in which it lives and which it
should save; cause it to come forth from its purification completely renewed, ever more
beautiful, without stain or wrinkle, in imitation of Mary, its immaculate Mother and your
most loving Spouse.” (265f-i)

“The Holy Spirit has the task of bringing the Church to its greatest splendor, that it may thus become all beautiful, without stain or wrinkle, in imitation of your heavenly Mother, and be able to spread the light of Christ to all the nations of the earth.” (426i)

3rd Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, O Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, and open the way for hearts to the understanding of the truth, whole and entire. With the burning force of your divine fire,
root out every error; sweep away every heresy, so that the light of the truth which Jesus has
revealed may shine forth for all in its integrity.” (310e)

4th Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, O Spirit of Counsel and Fortitude, and make us courageous witnesses of the Gospel we have received. Sustain the persecuted; encourage the spurned; give strength to the imprisoned; grant perseverance to the downtrodden and tortured; obtain the palm of
victory for those who, again today, are being led to martyrdom.” (310f)

“The Holy Spirit has the task of making you today courageous witnesses of the truth and of bringing you to the heroic witness of faith in Jesus.” (426f)

5th Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, O Spirit of Knowledge, of Piety, and of Fear of God, and renew, with the lymph of your divine love, the life of all those who have been consecrated in Baptism and signed with your seal in Confirmation, of those who have offered themselves in service to God, of the bishops, the priests and the deacons, that they may all be enabled to correspond to your plan which you are bringing about in these times of the second Pentecost, so long implored and awaited.” (310g)

“The Holy Spirit has the task of forming your hearts to the perfection of love and thus burns away, within you, every form of egoism and purifies you in the crucible of innumerable sufferings.” (426h)

6th Day
We Pray. . .

“Give us, O Spirit of Love, new heavens and a new earth, where the Most Holy Trinity will be loved and glorified; where men can live together as in a single large family; where the wounds of egoism and of hatred, of impurity and injustice, may be entirely healed.” (265e)

“I am the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.
My powerful function as Mediatrix between you and my Son Jesus is exercised above all in obtaining for you in superabundance, from the Father and the Son, the Spirit of Love.
…by this fire of love, the whole world will be made new. At his powerful life-giving breath, new heavens and a new earth will at last be opened!” (226abc)

7th Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, Holy Spirit.
A new and universal effusion of the Holy Spirit is necessary to arrive at the new times, so longed for. It is necessary that the second Pentecost come quickly. It can come to pass only in the spiritual cenacle of her Immaculate Heart. For this reason, We Pray. . .
that the heavenly Mother’s invitation to all the Church – to enter into the cenacle which she has prepared for us for the final times – be heeded. We will be able to enter only through the act of consecration to her Immaculate Heart.” (521cd)

She tells us,
“I request that this consecration, asked by me with such anxious insistence, be made by the bishops, the priests, the religious and the faithful. And let it be made by all in order to shorten the time of the great trial which has now arrived. Then…
– The Holy Spirit will bring you to an understanding of the whole and entire truth.
– The Holy Spirit will cause you to understand the times through which you are living.
– The Holy Spirit will be light upon your way and will make you courageous witnesses of the Gospel in the dreadful hour of the great apostasy.
– The Holy Spirit will bring you to grasp that which I will make manifest to you concerning what is contained in the still sealed Book.
– The Holy Spirit will give his perfect witness to the Son, by preparing hearts and souls to receive Jesus who will return to you in glory.” (cf. 521ef)

8th Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, Holy Spirit.
Come by means of the powerful intercession of her Immaculate Heart. Her hour is the hour of the Holy Spirit. The triumph of her Immaculate Heart will coincide with the great prodigy of the second Pentecost.
A new fire will come down from heaven and will purify all humanity, which has again become pagan. It will be like a judgment in miniature, and each one will see himself in the light of the very truth of God.
Thus sinners will come back to grace and holiness; the straying, to the road of righteousness; those far away, to the house of the Father; the sick, to complete healing; and the proud, the impure, the wicked collaborators with Satan will be defeated and condemned for ever.
Then her motherly Heart will have its triumph over all humanity, which will return to a new marriage of love and of life with its Heavenly Father.” (cf. 521g-k)

9th Day
We Pray. . .

“Come, Holy Spirit.
Come at the voice of your well-beloved Spouse who calls You. She is the heavenly Spouse of the Holy Spirit. As, through a singular design of the Father, she has become true Mother of the Son, so also has she become true Spouse of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has given Himself to her soul by an interior and true spousal union, and of this has been born the divine fruit of the virginal conception of the Word in her most pure womb.
The Spirit cannot resist the voice of the Spouse who calls to Him. And so let us unite ourselves to her as little children in invoking today the gift of the Holy Spirit. Let our supplication become the prayer of these last times. Let our prayer be habitual and repeated frequently, because it has been taught to us and is being passionately demanded of us by our heavenly Mother: ‘Come, Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.’ ” (cf. 521g-n)


“It is necessary, above all in these last times, that the Church and all humanity be transformed into a continuous cenacle of prayer, made with me and through me. Then the Holy Spirit will come down as a comfort upon the mourning of your days, in which the great trial has already come.

Amidst the mourning of a humanity without God, there will come down the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who will lead the whole world to the perfect glorification of the Heavenly Father, bringing about a new marriage of love between a renewed humanity and its Lord who has created, redeemed and saved it.

Amidst the mourning of a divided, darkened and wounded Church, there will be felt the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who will clothe it with fortitude and wisdom, with grace and holiness, and with love and light, in such a way that it may give its full witness to Jesus, living in it until the end of the world.

Amidst the mourning of souls, made slaves of Satan, immersed in the shadow of sin and death, there will alight the comfort of the Holy Spirit, who will give the light of the presence of God, the life of divine grace, and the fire of love, so that in them the Most Holy and Divine Trinity will be able to take up its permanent dwelling.

Amidst the mourning of the great trial, there will come down the comfort of the divine presence of the Spirit of the Lord, who will lead you to live — with confidence, courage, hope, serenity and love — through the events, which are awaiting you.

Then, in the midst of fire, you will feel his refreshment; in the cold, his heat; in the darkness, his light; in mourning, his comfort; in fear, his courage; in weakness, his strength; in great suffering, his divine solace.” (496 i-n))

+ + +

“I found myself gathered together with the Apostles and disciples, in the Cenacle of Jerusalem, when the miracle of the descent of the Holy Spirit took place, under the form of tongues of fire. And I saw with joy the miracle of their complete transformation. Timid and fearful as they had been, they came forth from the Cenacle courageous and intrepid witnesses of Jesus and of his Gospel.

In the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, the miraculous event of the second Pentecost must now be accomplished, implored and expected by you. Again there will descend upon the Church and upon all humanity miraculous tongues of fire.

— Tongues of divine fire will bring heat and life to a humanity which has now become cold from egoism and hatred, from violence and wars. Thus the parched earth will be opened to the breath of the Spirit of God, which will transform it into a new and wondrous garden in which the Most Holy Trinity will make its permanent dwelling place among you.

— Tongues of fire will come down to enlighten and sanctify the Church, which is living through the dark hour of Calvary and being stricken in her pastors, wounded in the flock, abandoned and betrayed by her own, exposed to the impetuous wind of errors, pervaded with the loss of faith and with apostasy.

The divine fire of the Holy Spirit will heal her of every malady, will purify her of every stain and every infidelity, will clothe her again in new beauty, will cover her with his splendor, in such a way that she may be able to find again all her unity and holiness, and will thus give to the world her full, universal and perfect witness to Jesus.

— Tongues of fire will come down upon you all, my poor children, so ensnared and seduced by Satan and by all the evil spirits who, during these years, have attained their greatest triumph. And thus, you will be illuminated by this divine light, and you will see your own selves in the mirror of the truth and the holiness of God. It will be like a judgment in miniature, which will open the door of your heart to receive the great gift of divine mercy.

And then the Holy Spirit will work the new miracle of universal transformation in the heart and the life of all: sinners will be converted; the weak will find support; the sick will receive healing; those far away will return to the house of the Father; those separated and divided will attain full unity.

In this way, the miracle of the second Pentecost will take place. It will come with the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world.

Only then will you see how the tongues of fire of the Spirit of Love will renew the whole world, which will become completely transformed by the greatest manifestation of divine mercy.

And so, I invite you to spend this day in the cenacle, gathered together in prayer with me, Mother of Mercy, in the hope and the trembling expectation of the second Pentecost, now close at hand.” (546 b-k)

+ + +

To all, I wish a most blessed Pentecost Sunday. May you receive in plenitude the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will enable you to live a holy Christian life, and may the fruits of the Holy Spirit grow in your souls.

Our Lady says,
“ The Holy Spirit has the task of enlightening your souls with the light of divine grace and of leading you along the way of holiness. For this, He is pouring out upon you his seven holy gifts, thus giving strength and an increase in the theological and moral virtues which transform your life into that blossoming garden where the Most Holy Trinity makes its dwelling place.” (426g)

Again this year, I will be attending the annual spiritual exercises in the form of a cenacle held from June 24-30 at the Shrine of Merciful Love in Collevalenza, Italy. I will be spiritually united with all of you, and ask that you pray for all the priests who will be gathered in this week of continuous prayer with Fr. Gobbi. May the offering of our prayers and sacrifices serve to give great comfort to the deep sorrow of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.

With God’s choicest blessings, I am,

Sincerely yours in
Jesus and Mary,

Rev. Albert G. Roux
National Director