Update on Fr. Gobbi’s Cause for Beatification

Official Communique

At the conclusion of the spiritual exercises of the Marian Movement of Priests, held from June 25th to July 1st, 2023, the Postulator advocate Emilio Artiglieri, appointed to initiate the cause for beatification of Father Stefano Gobbi has provided information regarding the preliminary procedures to be undertaken. These procedures will require time and significant effort to officially open the cause for beatification, and only then will we have the joy of referring to Father Stefano as a Servant of God.

In the meantime, as we strive to implement every possible initiative to reach the opening of this cause for beatification, all members of the MMP are entrusted with the indispensable and necessary task of praying, offering sacrifices and penances, and endeavoring to faithfully live out the spirit of our Movement.

Furthermore, everyone is kindly requested to be cautious in not disseminating news that could give the impression that the cause for beatification has already begun. When the appropriate moment arrives, which we all hope will be soon, a public announcement will be made, and only then will initiatives to publicize the beginning of the beatification process be both useful and necessary.

The Marian Movement of Priests
Como-Lora, July 1st, 2023