2022 International Retreats for Priests and Laity in Fatima

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the MMP, the International Spiritual Exercises for Priests will be organized in Fatima from Sunday, June 26 to Saturday, July 2, 2022. In conjunction with the exercises for priests there will also be a retreat for the laity, from Thursday June 30 to Sunday July 3. In this way we will be able to pray together and celebrate Holy Mass at the Capelinha. Already many priests from all continents have asked to be able to participate.  I ask the laity to invite their priests to participate and, if necessary, to help them as needed. I am very happy that in many countries there are further Spiritual Exercises of the MMP.  May those who simply cannot participate in Fatima participate at least in the local Exercises; do not let this grace of the continuous Cenacle pass.

To register for the Spiritual Exercises in Fatima you must contact exclusively the agency in charge – Rusconi Viaggi (Lecco-Italy) – which will help prepare the necessary documents to arrive in Portugal. On the official website of the MMP (msm-mmp.org) you can find links for registration for the Spiritual Exercises for priests, and for the retreat for the laity.”